Wednesday, October 1, 2008

1014 C P Campa

I was actually checking pictures out of boredom when I accidentally saw my old 1014 C P-Campers picture compilation which is by the way I always do when I can't think of something worth while to do-looking at old pictures, I have a basket full of these.
1014 C is actually our boarding house door number and it is located in Padre Campa street in sampaloc where the heart of university belt home for college students are at. I stayed there during my junior year in college up until the first year of working. This was an apartment for girls and boys, so imagine the riot if classes are postponed or holiday in between week days. Our land lady can't handle us at times and it's kinda fun sneaking around stuff at night and the never ending talks about school life and stuff, about our plans after graduation, the "tipid" meals just to save our weekly allowance, the love hate relationship, the out of towns, these are all the best times of our life. I just realized that these people has been my family for like 5 years, they have seen the worst and best part of me, they were true friends like a pure blood line, I was wondering where are these people now? I was able to meet up to some of them rarely, others I don't see them at all. Trough it all, our bond is still present even we don't get to see each other we still have contact, and im sure who knows? probablly one of these days we'll have reunion like the good old days.

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  1. me so looking forward for that reunion..kakamiss sobra..

    and i feel so proud part ako ng grupo n to hehe..kulit nting lahat eh

    true best days of our college life are w/ this group!