Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Emo mode

Easy listening baby!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

An Encounter w/ Dermatologist

So it is weekend and it's payday :-D I got my first dedicated NALA allowance enough reason why I decided to treat Mom for a massage and to go see her dermatologist for warts removal. While I am waiting for her she encourage me to do facial whutever for my face because she said my pores are big and I got lots of white and black heads already, I thought of it for a sec, and decided to go try it since the facial will not damage my wallet big time. Well, this is actually the reason why I am writing a blog now-An encounter with dermatologist.

First thing, the dermatologist is so "machicka" while putting some collagen mixture on my face massaging my whole fat face round, and back and forth she started telling me a lot of things which apparently I am not listening obviously. The next thing happened was I found her flashing an operating light out of my face and grabbed some small little operating tool while telling me " Sir, this will hurt you a little but you can bare with it" sudden rush of blood pressure raised from my heart, I asked her "hurt?, what are you gonna do, operate me?" she answered " First time nyo ba sir?, this is not operation not even close to minor operation" then I OK with her and she started to do her thing. The first time she put her tool on my face (God-Knows-What was that) I felt a little pain from my cheek and then as she continue to dig in deeper to get those dirt, it was getting bad, really really painful on every part she put her magic wand on my face. I felt like someone is sawing on my face. Darn it! I am not crying but the freakin tears flowing from my eyes continuously, felt like someones crashing my balls down there, darn it! I didn't say a thing until my supposedly relaxing moment turns out to be a nightmare (I am actually speechless). The result was good I feel flawless but I AM NOT Gonna be doing a stupid facial treatment again, ever!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kara can Sing?!

I'm amazed Kara Dioguardi the newest American Idol season judge can really sing well. Nice

Friday, March 27, 2009

Photoshop Lesson 1

Not the greatest thing to do in the powerful photo software called Adobe Photoshop but here's the first thing I've learned :-D I'm ecstatic in learning other tricks and tweaks that I can do in all my photo shoots, to play around with it and edit some stuff like acne and preckles (lol). It's not always to late to learn new things, well at least for me photoshop is new thing even though in reality it's like so last season software na :-D.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Psalm-A Prayer

*Singing Worship Song*

Halleluia!Father in heaven blessed be Your name. I worship you in spirit and in truth. You deserve all my praises and adoration. You are the air that I breath Who completes me. I honor Your presence today. Thank you Jesus.

Lord, forgive me from every single sin I have done to you in my mind, my words and my actions. Let the mighty blood of Jesus cleanse me from all unrighteousness. Thank you because You first chose me even though I am unworthy.

Tonight I would like to thank you for all Your blessings to me. The life that I am enjoying, the good health for me and my family is more than enough to be thankful for.Thank you because I still have job and earning enough to bless others. Thank you for providing me more than enough from what I needed everyday. Thank you for wonderful family and friends you have given me, I pray that I may be able to share the light of Jesus to all of them in my own little way. Lord, I am not a preacher nor evangelist but I pray that you allow my life to speak of your blessings and truth.

Lord, I pray for my family to keep them safe and healthy always. I pray for my friends who have been affected by global economic crisis for You to sustain their needs abundantly. I pray for my Country, Lord have mercy on us honor the prayer of multitude of believers praying to heal and bless our land. Lord as I sleep let the peace of God reign on me. Also, help me to value my health, teach me to exercise everyday and eat healthy food so I would loose weight easily :-D thank you for hearing this my Lord,Savior and Best friend.

In Jesus Name I pray....Amen

Good night Jesus!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tribute to Dell Pasay

In line with the recession and OpeX business strategy by my previous company Dell, Dell International Services in Pasay City was sold to Teleperformance just recently. I was part of the first few employee who started Dell Technical Support consumer operation in the Philippines and it sadden me to hear that Dell Pasay will no longer be Dell now. The positive side is that, at least people will get to maintain their job and salary (I guess) under new management and under new name and contract.

We really can't blame Dell for this because they are just saving the cost of running its own support center in different countries and it's not really cheap to do that specially these days. I just wish this economic melt down will soon be finished for everyone's life to become more comfortable.

Cheers to the Dell Pasay and to all those Technicians, Managers, Mentors, Friends, Team mate that I have worked with, You are all part of my learning and my growth as an individual contributor in the company and in social society. I wish You good luck as you joined Teleperformance family (Wag na mag bitter kasi andyan na yan else lipat sa iba)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

You Changed my life

I'm not a fan of pinoy movies, paano naman mga chick flicks or horror movies lang ang nag block buster and also I don't watch them sa theather feeling ko sayang lang pera ko. So eto na nga, nung Saturday my Mama Josie asked me kung pwede daw namin panoorin yung "You Changed my life" ni Sarrah tsaka John Loyd, e gusto kong panoorin that time ung "Taken" okaya ung "Race to witch mountain" nag kamot ako ng ulo sabi ko wag na un at ibibili ko nalang sya ng DVD sa quiapo pag malinaw na.Sabi nya maganda nga daw un, nakaka kilig tsaka funny daw. So ayun pinag bigyan ko sya ang ending kinilig ako ng konti sa movie. Take note konti lang (defensive?!)

And right now I find my self blogging about the Movie. I rarely watch abs-cbn artist dahil certified kapuso ako pero this is one nice movie.


It will remind you na masarap mainlove specially pag nandun ka sa stage na head over hills ka sa partner mo tapos feeling mo inde enough ung effort nya versus sa effort mo pero sya naman feeling nya super effort sya basta something near to that. Marami rin part na nakaka tawa, very spontenous din ang movie. Kung nakaka appreciate ka ng chick flick tulad ko, pretty much ma gugustuhan mo ung movie, or kung ung gf mo naman mahilig sa chick flicks pero ikaw inde tapos nag away kayo di mo alam pano susuyuin manood kayo ng movie after ng movie bati na kayo :-D

lalagay ko sana ung trailer dito kaso baka ma-cornyhan kayo kaya kung interested kayo sa movie panoorin nyo nalang. Mag lalagay nalang ako ng pictures ng movie dito tsaka music na pampa inlove.

YOU CHANGE MY LIFE - Sarah Geronimo - Sarah Geronimo

Friday, March 13, 2009

my American Idol Bet

Geez! its final thirteen already and this time no filipino finalist, too bad. So here's my American Idol bet Alison Iraheta, Danny Gokey and Anoop Desai. Alison and Danny did a great job on the last elimination round but Anoop didn't appeal much to the judges. While I was searching for some of their videos on youtube I found Anoop's chorale UNC Clefhangers, damn he's good! check this out

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Videoke Star

No one can grab a mic from me :-D

here are some of the pix as promised. Click me

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Weekend

This is the first week of the year that I never been home on weekends. I entirely spent the day going out with some of my office mates and college friends. I watched the movie Watchmen and Confessions of a Shopaholic which I enjoyed much. And tonight I will go out for a dinner and karaoke with friends. Mind you, since I came back here I never had time to go out and have fun, I mean to really really go out and have fun. I always do that when I was with Dell and I'm kinda missing it. Our beach get away was cancelled because of lack of headcount so everyone decided to cancel it, my roommates are on their summer escapades, one is in Davao and the other is Camarines Sur and here I am on our room blogging killing time so I will finally get dress and go out. So before the summer ends I would like to go to some place I haven't been to and join a gig and sing with my friends. By the way today is March 8 anniversary date of my arrival to US that means I only need one more year to finish my bond..Wooohooo..woot woot way to go! and Oops it's 6:30 PM, time to get dress. I'll put some pictures here so y'all can see my college friends.

See ya!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Big News

So what's next after mag resign ang Bossing ko? Eto na kaya ang senyales?