Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Weekend

This is the first week of the year that I never been home on weekends. I entirely spent the day going out with some of my office mates and college friends. I watched the movie Watchmen and Confessions of a Shopaholic which I enjoyed much. And tonight I will go out for a dinner and karaoke with friends. Mind you, since I came back here I never had time to go out and have fun, I mean to really really go out and have fun. I always do that when I was with Dell and I'm kinda missing it. Our beach get away was cancelled because of lack of headcount so everyone decided to cancel it, my roommates are on their summer escapades, one is in Davao and the other is Camarines Sur and here I am on our room blogging killing time so I will finally get dress and go out. So before the summer ends I would like to go to some place I haven't been to and join a gig and sing with my friends. By the way today is March 8 anniversary date of my arrival to US that means I only need one more year to finish my bond..Wooohooo..woot woot way to go! and Oops it's 6:30 PM, time to get dress. I'll put some pictures here so y'all can see my college friends.

See ya!


  1. ndi ba ung bond counted from the time you got home?

  2. waaaaaaaaa oonga noh *sigh*