Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This is a new TV series from fox...

The pilot episode isn't bad after all,I just hope many will be able to appreciate it specially those people who get to experience to be part of glee club during their high School.

The Story happens in a High School who thinks less of the glee club to give prestige to the school by winning a competition or become known in their field as compared to Football and Cheer leading or any other famous sports who generally bring home pride to the school. And there is one neophyte Spanish teacher who happens to have passion for music and kids who will take over handling the glee club and start it from scratch, eventually he got five pathetic members who are incredibly talented in their own might.

For those who is a fan of musical movie like High School Musical and Hair Spray, you might wanna try this. This is one of pilot episode song I found on the net. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Celebrity Hot Stuff Opinion :-D

Just recently public eyes are nailing Dr. Hayden Kho on the spot light because of his scandalous videos spreading like mushrooms over the net. I for one, have seen some of it. I find it very irresponsible for a human being to do such disgusting act, taking a video while having sex without the permission of your partner? what's worse is you brag it to your friends and the next thing you know it is the most viewed item on youtube or any porn sites.

We are hearing this kind of stories over and over again and it is not new to online world. This kind of immorality is hard to beat. But for respectable person to this is unacceptable.

If that is his fetish he should keep it private. To think that he almost has everything the fame, good career as a doctor and new celebrity, rich girl friend, good looks and yet, he still has the guts to do those without ever thinking what is the effect of those videos to those clueless girls. I agree with Senator Bong Revilla his physician license should be revoked, not a good epitome of a doctor. He is adding shame to Filipinos. And because of that here's a bunch of tomatoes on your face Dr Hayden Kho, you deserve all the media critiques.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Unimportant things that makes me Happy

I was tagged by Kessa and I felt like writing today and this is good tag to write stuff about. There are so many reasons why we should be optimistic in life, problems are inevitable, it was and is always part of us. Looking on things that makes you happy is a great step to become more optimistic for the day.

So, here are some unimportant things that makes me happy...

1. A can of Coke and Chips- I know it's bad for my health and I am trying not to have these as often as I wanted, but oh boy!! these junks always makes my day complete, it makes me happy.

2. Internet- due to the fact that almost all of my closest friends are either working abroad or living abroad, internet makes me feel they are still near me. And yes I am an online addict.

3. Work- Not that I love my work or the best job in the world but waking up every morning thinking I still can pay my bills because I do have work still makes me happy.

4.Good book- Finding a good book that will satisfy my interest makes me happy

5.Traffic- Going to work or home without a heavy traffic makes me happy too

There you go and now I want everyone who get to read this have it post to their own blog site...I wanna know what makes you happy?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Gokey Oust in American Idol

The vote turn out in the last episode of American Idol sucks!

Danny Gokey deserves to get into final round. In my opinion Adam Lambert is overrated and Kris Allen is lukewarm performer, I mean all 3 of them deserves to be in the final 3 however, it's disappointing to see Danny go. He hasn't been a bottom performer for the past 37 episodes, what the hell!! then all of sudden, voila! eliminated?! for goodness sake! This is the first American Idol season that I have watched from episode one and I didn't like the result. I know I am over reacting, this is my site anyway, I'm just sharing. Chillax!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Say what?

It's Been a while since my last post. I don't have a thing in mind to write about, there was no special thing happened over the course of time since my last post. I kind off thought I just needed something new to do these days...

like start my own small business perhaps, now I'm a business minded (lol). I'm not getting any younger, almost all my batch mates are starting to build their family and raising their own kids, getting stable on their career and here I am still a five-year-old-minded kind off guy who never takes life seriously. I should be starting to fund my savings account at this point, should be thinking where I want to settle and build my future family *Sigh*

I really want to go and stay in new place in a little while, a place that I have never been or a place far from everyone I know. I know it's weird but this is what I want at a moment, this can change overnight though.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

This is one day late. But I want to create an entry for my Mama. Cheer's to senior citizenship Mom, I wish you more birthdays to come and more meaningful days to come your way, and by the way I love you so so much.

Thank you for bringing me to this world, thank you for fixing my cloths every week, for cooking my favorite "sinigang" every time I want it, for raising me as better finesse young gentle man, God fearing person, for giving nothing but your best to us. If I were to choose another Mom again, I will choose you again again :-D

Saturday, May 2, 2009

And that my soul know very well...

This song reminds me of the time when I have nothing, a time were I just purely rely on God's grace on my every decision, plans,dreams. it's not like I have everything now BUT I was just reminded when I was in my junior year in college, God put back the pieces of brokenness in me.

This song has been my life song back then, I sometimes get teary eye when I listen to this while praying. My favorite line on the song is "When mountains fall, I stand by the power of Your hands and that my soul knows very well" I was able to inculcate that into my mind.

You know, everyone may turn their back on us, our world my break into pieces, our body can be stricken but the Lord never ever fails to rescue us all the time.

I hate my self for only getting my knees into prayer if I'm sad and everything is not falling into right place... I hate my self for listening to this kind of song when I am downcasted and at my lowest point.

But the Lord loves David so much although he turn his back on God many times. The Lord still chose David as a king...

I miss my quite time with God.