Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Unimportant things that makes me Happy

I was tagged by Kessa and I felt like writing today and this is good tag to write stuff about. There are so many reasons why we should be optimistic in life, problems are inevitable, it was and is always part of us. Looking on things that makes you happy is a great step to become more optimistic for the day.

So, here are some unimportant things that makes me happy...

1. A can of Coke and Chips- I know it's bad for my health and I am trying not to have these as often as I wanted, but oh boy!! these junks always makes my day complete, it makes me happy.

2. Internet- due to the fact that almost all of my closest friends are either working abroad or living abroad, internet makes me feel they are still near me. And yes I am an online addict.

3. Work- Not that I love my work or the best job in the world but waking up every morning thinking I still can pay my bills because I do have work still makes me happy.

4.Good book- Finding a good book that will satisfy my interest makes me happy

5.Traffic- Going to work or home without a heavy traffic makes me happy too

There you go and now I want everyone who get to read this have it post to their own blog site...I wanna know what makes you happy?


  1. The fact that they make you happy is not unimportant at all : )

    Coke and chips make me happy, too! Coke and chips while watching a great movie on a rainy day with your honey...Perfect! ♥

  2. Ang sarap diba?! atleast ikaw sexy parin..Naks! :-D

  3. Ha? Asan ang sexy? Sino? Wahaha.

    Sarap lang talaga kumain. Tsk. :D