Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Celebrity Hot Stuff Opinion :-D

Just recently public eyes are nailing Dr. Hayden Kho on the spot light because of his scandalous videos spreading like mushrooms over the net. I for one, have seen some of it. I find it very irresponsible for a human being to do such disgusting act, taking a video while having sex without the permission of your partner? what's worse is you brag it to your friends and the next thing you know it is the most viewed item on youtube or any porn sites.

We are hearing this kind of stories over and over again and it is not new to online world. This kind of immorality is hard to beat. But for respectable person to this is unacceptable.

If that is his fetish he should keep it private. To think that he almost has everything the fame, good career as a doctor and new celebrity, rich girl friend, good looks and yet, he still has the guts to do those without ever thinking what is the effect of those videos to those clueless girls. I agree with Senator Bong Revilla his physician license should be revoked, not a good epitome of a doctor. He is adding shame to Filipinos. And because of that here's a bunch of tomatoes on your face Dr Hayden Kho, you deserve all the media critiques.

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