Monday, February 10, 2014

Story of an Endomorph Me

I have to admit, I gained weight last December, at hindi ko na naprioritize ang pag lose ng weight simply because napakasarap kumain. Lalong-lalo na pag nasa bakasyon ka. Para sa isang katulad kong mataba na fucked-up ang metabolism napakihirap talagang mag papayat. Madami-dami na akong attempt but this thing that I'm gonna share right at this moment, you'll gonna shit stones. LOLz

Few years back, I pushed my self to exercise. I ran constantly and control my food intake a little bit. But I didn't track my weight. Reason being is that, ayokong ma frustrate na hindi ako nag lose ng weight or walang nangyayari. Then I lost my job. Got a new one. And totally forgot that I should concentrate on losing weight, not until matapos ang bakasyon ko sa Pinas last year. I almost went back to my original weight prior flying to Sg to work.

My goal is for health reasons and I wanted to eliminate my belly-obese-fat. Ang hirap mag tucked-in. My get-up is still my college days porma, polo shirt tucked-in at naka jeans and some rubber shoes and nothing more. At dahil nga jubis I am having hard time to feel good. And so I decided to act on it and monitor my weight on a weekly basis.

I don't have problems on my exercise so my guess is, the issue here is my food intake. Masyadong ako mala T-REX kumain. Also, kelangan mag bago ang metabolism ko.

Marami akong friends na nag sasabing I  should try daw this amazing diet program, ang General Motors diet. And so I tried it. For details just click here para hindi na ko mag explain what it is and how it works.

I'm not comfortable sharing my weight yet, kasi mataas pa at nakakahiya, pang Elapante parin, but anyways, this was how GM worked for me. I tried it couple of weeks ago. Here's the before and after result. Right side was after my weight gain last holiday season. Left side is the current one.

It was not that significant I know, but it is a start. I lost 4.4 Kgs on my first week. Last week was my second week of diet, I didn't do GM na kasi baka hindi ko na kayanin, at mag init ang ulo ko. Baka sampalin ko lahat ng makita ko sa MRT.  I just maintained my regular exercise which is badminton and running/walking and no carbs and meat diet, well, may konting meat pag nalilingat but believe me I tried 100% to eliminate meat to my diet. Rice is totally out of the game na. ahahha.

Last week I lost another 1 Kgs. Not that much compared nung nag GM ako but it was still a weight loss. So not bad for me.

I planning to do GM next week. This week is no carbs, fruits and vegies lang as much as possible. Hindi naman sya super black and white but so far naka kurot ako ng longganisa hahahaha. GM diet killed my appetite and cravings. So hindi na masyadong mahirap yung mga sumunod ng linggo.

This is what I realized. It's not too late to start. If you fail. Start again. If you fail. Start again. Don't give up. I know malayo pa ko sa goal ko but hopefully I will get there. My faithgoal is to fit into medium size shirt before the end of the year. Isang malaking goodluck! LOLz

Besides masarap ang gulay at prutas. Kahit na kakauta na. It's all in the mind. ahaha No kidding, masasanay din kayo. Believe me! You will feel, lighter than the other week, if you choose this path.

So to my fellow over weight online friends who can relate to me. It's not too late to start. Move your butt up and start moving. No shortcuts. Diet and Exercise is the key. We'll get there soon. We can do it!