Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This is a new TV series from fox...

The pilot episode isn't bad after all,I just hope many will be able to appreciate it specially those people who get to experience to be part of glee club during their high School.

The Story happens in a High School who thinks less of the glee club to give prestige to the school by winning a competition or become known in their field as compared to Football and Cheer leading or any other famous sports who generally bring home pride to the school. And there is one neophyte Spanish teacher who happens to have passion for music and kids who will take over handling the glee club and start it from scratch, eventually he got five pathetic members who are incredibly talented in their own might.

For those who is a fan of musical movie like High School Musical and Hair Spray, you might wanna try this. This is one of pilot episode song I found on the net. Enjoy!

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