Saturday, May 2, 2009

And that my soul know very well...

This song reminds me of the time when I have nothing, a time were I just purely rely on God's grace on my every decision, plans,dreams. it's not like I have everything now BUT I was just reminded when I was in my junior year in college, God put back the pieces of brokenness in me.

This song has been my life song back then, I sometimes get teary eye when I listen to this while praying. My favorite line on the song is "When mountains fall, I stand by the power of Your hands and that my soul knows very well" I was able to inculcate that into my mind.

You know, everyone may turn their back on us, our world my break into pieces, our body can be stricken but the Lord never ever fails to rescue us all the time.

I hate my self for only getting my knees into prayer if I'm sad and everything is not falling into right place... I hate my self for listening to this kind of song when I am downcasted and at my lowest point.

But the Lord loves David so much although he turn his back on God many times. The Lord still chose David as a king...

I miss my quite time with God.

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