Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Season Finale Grey's Anatomy

George O'Malley and Izzie Stevens had a flat line, Izzie got metastatic melanoma stage four and George got hit by a bus wrecking his face to death. And I have a gut feeling that one of the character will be leaving Grey's for good, although time of death hasn't been called yet on the season finale.

Gorge has been my favorite character for the past five seasons, and for me Grey's Anatomy will not be the same again without his character. He was called 007 by his co-intern batch because many patient died on his watch. His brothers look at him as a freak because he is different from all of them, being a doctor looks freaky to them. he is the Chief of Surgery's guy and Izzie's bff. Look how funy his character is

This is another video giving him another nomination for Emmy best supporting actor in drama TV series last 2007

And this is how Izzie and George say's good bye. It is frustrating for me but I give five star to both of them.


  1. He's my favorite Grey's Anatomy character, too. I love him and Cristina. I hope he stays for another season or something. Gawan nila ng paraan! Wahaha.

  2. Same here....Sana nga wag mawala ang character ni George... I like Cristina to ang kulit ng mga banat nya she deserve the Oscar's award last 2007 :-D