Sunday, March 29, 2009

An Encounter w/ Dermatologist

So it is weekend and it's payday :-D I got my first dedicated NALA allowance enough reason why I decided to treat Mom for a massage and to go see her dermatologist for warts removal. While I am waiting for her she encourage me to do facial whutever for my face because she said my pores are big and I got lots of white and black heads already, I thought of it for a sec, and decided to go try it since the facial will not damage my wallet big time. Well, this is actually the reason why I am writing a blog now-An encounter with dermatologist.

First thing, the dermatologist is so "machicka" while putting some collagen mixture on my face massaging my whole fat face round, and back and forth she started telling me a lot of things which apparently I am not listening obviously. The next thing happened was I found her flashing an operating light out of my face and grabbed some small little operating tool while telling me " Sir, this will hurt you a little but you can bare with it" sudden rush of blood pressure raised from my heart, I asked her "hurt?, what are you gonna do, operate me?" she answered " First time nyo ba sir?, this is not operation not even close to minor operation" then I OK with her and she started to do her thing. The first time she put her tool on my face (God-Knows-What was that) I felt a little pain from my cheek and then as she continue to dig in deeper to get those dirt, it was getting bad, really really painful on every part she put her magic wand on my face. I felt like someone is sawing on my face. Darn it! I am not crying but the freakin tears flowing from my eyes continuously, felt like someones crashing my balls down there, darn it! I didn't say a thing until my supposedly relaxing moment turns out to be a nightmare (I am actually speechless). The result was good I feel flawless but I AM NOT Gonna be doing a stupid facial treatment again, ever!

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  1. . . . 5 days ago, i went to a cheap-looking, baranggay barber shop to have a haircut. just like your derma, ang dami ding chika nitong manong na ito. simple lang naman ang gusto ko, putulan niya ng 3 inches itong long hair ko at hindi ang malaman kung dapat bang aprubahan yang RH bill na yan o hindi. tae, ang daming kwentong barbero. tamihik lang din akong nakikinig habang pinuputulan niya ang long hair ko. ayun- after 15 minutes, maayos naman ang kinalabasan- medyo presko na ng kaunti. nagmukha daw akong nagdadalagang elemntary school pupil (kahit na ako'y lalake).

    - sorry, off topic ang comment.