Friday, March 27, 2009

Photoshop Lesson 1

Not the greatest thing to do in the powerful photo software called Adobe Photoshop but here's the first thing I've learned :-D I'm ecstatic in learning other tricks and tweaks that I can do in all my photo shoots, to play around with it and edit some stuff like acne and preckles (lol). It's not always to late to learn new things, well at least for me photoshop is new thing even though in reality it's like so last season software na :-D.

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  1. Naks!!! Pag Fashion Blog ang dating!! Yun na ang next project!!!!

    P.S. Bakasyon kame ni Vince pero malakas ka kase sa amin kaya nicheck pa namen ang blog mo (Facebook ko din syempre!)! YIHEEE!!! LIBRE LIBRE LIBRE !!!