Thursday, October 30, 2008

Belly Button Experience

I was lying on my bed rubbing my belly up and down when I suddenly stick my finger on my belly button. I felt like there was a mucusy-sticky-thingy inside.Out of curiosity I sniffed on my finger to smell it and hell it smells like a fresh poop!!!! really stinky! But I can't stop my self from smelling it :-D... what is wrong with my belly button???? I was alarmed. I stand and observed if I can smell it while sitting, too bad I can smell the foul odor. It was gross! I grabbed my hydrogen peroxide and cotton buds and clean it immediately. As I pour on the hydrogen peroxide into my belly button it started to bubble like a water at its boiling point eiwwwwwwwwww!. So I cleaned and stick my finger to smell it-not that strong smell anymore though :-D I rushed on to my laptop to go online and search for causes and solutions of my problem... I dropped out laughing so loud because of the blogs and comments online.Funny!

Going back, I was seriously alarmed. According to some decent postings online, it could be hernia and may need basic surgery (Ouch!) or It can also be a yeast infection caused by soap and water, dead skin formation deep inside the belly button. Now it's a lesson learned, when showering I have to cautiously wash and dry my belly button. It's a personal hygiene I know. It's not that I don't clean it at all or forgotten to that (defense mechanism?) Fine! I should be cleaning it and applying something to clean it more specially that I have a big tummy and deep bb :-D

This experience reminds me of a bad habit of sticking my finger on my belly button when I was little and put my finger on my little sisters nose or somebody Else's nose whenever we watch our fave cartoons at home :-D


  1. Jeff....Dude that was seriously GROSS!! Not sure if I would have posted that story for the world to see. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!! :o) albeit entertaining none the less!

  2. Hahahaha... wanna sniff some :-D

  3. That would be negatory!! ha ha!