Thursday, October 16, 2008

People Around me

I mostly work night shift and because of my work sched I don't get to talk or see lots of people except weekends which is not a Filipino value after all. Anyways, I have my office mate picture attached here which by the way are the ones I mostly see and talked with almost everyday, and right now I feel like writing some things about them, although there are two missing person on the pix from my group (Alex and Louie). Guys from the left are Ohlee,Me,Vince,Mike and Marvin. Ohlee is the youngest and soon to be a father, he can talk all day without you talking. A very nice person, he loves her mom and her sister so much. He's into games PSP,PS2,Xbox,PCgames name it, he has lot's of things to say about all those. He loves history, I usually asks anything about history to him and he knew the answer for some reason. We both hate software orders because we always end up messing something up :-D. The next one is Vince, also a very very nice person. He always gives me goodies every so often. He is our software auditor who don't like auditing at all :-D. You can ask anything to him and can get answer nicely, he can keep a secret. His wife is very nice person as well which happens to be our office mate too. He gives good suggestion to almost anything I asks, when I ask if he has med or anything I needed at the moment, he gives it instantly if have it and offer to do something he can do to help me and to others as well, literally, a very good person. Next is Mike, my breakfast buddy, he is like angel Gabriel to all of us work wise, he shares everything he new. He don't look down for any stupid question. He makes you feel better even at worst happening in the office. He is the provider in his family which is very awesome work, we admire and respect him for that. One of our software order auditor too who don't like auditing as well :-D. we belong in a square space in the office me mike Alex and ohlee which is the best place to be, work wouldn't be the same if the seat plan is not like what we have. He is nice as Vince they are awesome. Next is Marv he has good work attitude, i guess that's all I can say I don't usually get to talk to him much. Next is Alex which happens to be not on the pic. What you see is what you get. A tough guy with soft heart, you can talk to him about cars and kids, a good provider to his family, he has a cute daughter and nice wife which has been my previous officemate. Lastly Louie, he is our lead and a previous officemate at Dell. A family man. Although we don't get to talk much comparing to vince,mike and ohlee I know he is a nice person also he seats far from us so we don't get to talk to him much. They are my officemates and I am thankfull to God for them. I hope I can be a good person who can extend a hand for them when they needed it.


  1. Nholan a pappa??!?! What?!?!? That is awesome! Tell him congrats for me! It is bad that I have to read your blog to keep up with you all! :-) ha ha h ha ha~~~

  2. Surprised me too when I read that Ohlee would soon be a dad. Congrats to him...

  3. I'll let him know jayme and stell :-D If you can only see the excitement on his eyes, awesome!