Thursday, October 23, 2008

Entry of the day

I'm burning some pictures on my laptop to save up space on my disk drive, when I get to see some of stolen shots from one of my previous technician at dell. Here it is

OK, it's not what you think it was! The story behind that Italicshot was this. It was after our shift, I gathered my team to announce my resignation effective after new year. I told them that I accepted the offer from Emerson and I will fly to US sometime march. Then, they have decided to go out and get drunk. I told them I don't drink but I found my self in the party place, a small crowded bar where everyone is dancing, smoking and drinking. I sat down on the corner while observing everyone. They gave me one pitcher of Punyeta which Mamu told me it was a non alcoholic beverage. I grabbed the drink and get a small after zip it taste like four seasons. I get a little dizzy and feel like i was hammered on the back of my head, which apparently the team tricked me because they planned it. Ace our QMT suddenly sat in front of my lap and grabbed my back and was about to tell her "Ang bigat mo..." then next morning I saw this picture on my teams desktop :-D funny!

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