Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Spa Experience

After my business trip to US it has been my longing to have some relaxation like what we do regularly when I was with Dell. We regularly go to Spa house for a full body message experience with a nice cozy place to stay for long hours with shabu shabu food experience at a very low cost. This is the Wensha spa located in Roxas Boulevard besides the Star City Complex. Here's how it looks like outside. It's a Chinese or Korean inspired architecture with nice furniture and flooring inside the hall way, as soon as you step inside a receptionist will guide you trough the front desk to register and give brochure to see what they offer, when you're done choosing the package you want, someone will give you a pair of slippers and will get your shoes which is not allowed inside :D then you can start your ultimate spa experience.

They have a nice massage ambiance with a very talented therapist who will treat you like a king, I have been there countless times and the experience is priceless :-D. The place is clean and well maintained. They have sauna and steam bath and lots of shower rooms. They have a big jacuzzi as well, however you have to take off everything to use it which I can't do :-D so I just enjoyed the steam bath and sauna before the massage. The massage is an hour experience starts from your head to foot, it's awesome! highly recommended to stressed people and depressed people too, to awaken the sleeping blood into all of vains. by the way, the whole experience is like 600 pesos only you have the shabu shabu food there already, not bad right?!

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