Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The day that was

Today I took the IELTS test and hopefully get to score 7.5 or better so I can have the language incentive quarterly sayang din pang dagdag ipon for other plans. So here's what happened...
I was late by 30 minutes anong bago? Luckily, the facilitator can't conduct the Speaking part all at the same time. So when I arrived he already started with one of the examine. I remember the last time I took this I wasn't able to impress my bossing because I only got god-knows-what-score. So back to the kwento, We all went to the examination room after the facilitator finishes with one of the examine. The second part was the Listening, it's divided into four parts where you get to listen to a British thick accent conversation recording and answer all questions the right way, the good deal with this was, at least I get to answer all of the question. But I'm not sure if I have the right answers :-D The next part was the Writing, this is the part where you get to explain a UK graph that tells about the percentage of UK homes that uses modern technology and do an essay writing not less than 250 words. Well, I thought I'm going to be good at it because first of all I love blogging which definitely associated in writing stuff but darn it! it's different when your writing without spell checker and not typing.My hand writing sucks! :-D I hope i was able to meet the minimum number of words even I feel that I wrote none sense stuff on the essay. Next is Reading which I guess my weakest part of the exam. Why? Because after reading a crappy article about the bees and tourism, left handed people I will most likely not remember anything about it. So you'll know what happens if you get to ask me what's the best heading of the paragraph and fill in the blanks on the missing word on the phrase and the like. Last part of the exam was Speaking which has been my strongest point however, the questionnaire doesn't want me to showcase my extemporaneous speech talent :-D the facilitator asked me about my idea on Jeepney ingenuity as a filipino and the backwardness opinion of the people about it which for some reason I don't know how to answer. Don't worry I manage to answer the question but I wasn't comfortable 'coz all am saying was a crappy things. :-D I still hope I can manage to get a good score with this... I had fun though!

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