Friday, October 24, 2008

Converting thoughts into writing

The spinning sound of my electric fan is bugging me, that's the only sound I'm hearing right now. Can't catch sleep, sun is shinning waving scorching sun rays on my forehead- the price to pay in working night shift. Don't want to turn on A/C, meralco frustrates me. I wanted to write something worth reading for but my nut head won't cooperate, darn it! Nothing to fancy happened today. Swamped with work. Talked to some racist who said bullsh*t because can't figure out why Autoranging doesn't display the units he chose and why it doesn't give the range he put on the input setup, jargon? sorry for that. Don't have time to talk to vince,mike,ohlee and alex (my cube mates) recently lots of happy clients waiting on option 5 and 6. Am I complaining? NO I'm not. Just wanna share stuff here then soon read it and laugh about it. On the brighter side of my mind. Looking forward on December my very first car is waiting for me *Grinning* (second hand lang, wag na mag react OK). Sister's birthday on November so as Mama Josie and Hans I have special gift for them a book "The Secret". Maeb is coming have to bring her to Shang for dinner, treat her to Spa as promised, bring her to Taal and Laiya Batangas beach. So far so good. I think writing here makes me sleepy, alas! It's bedtime...*Snoring*

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