Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Random thoughts of the Day

It's been a while. I miss my nonsense blog site (lol). It's October and my birthday is fast approaching, gosh another year will welcome me. Here's my plan on the weekend of my birthday. Go to church in the morning for thanksgiving then go treat my family for lunch, probably mmmm to a seafood house or itallian restau i guess? I'm planning to have them go to a nice cozy place that they have never been too. Last year on the day of my birthday I celebrated it with my previous office friends, we had a blast a simple dinner with lots of talks, a never ending stories that we all talked about the past years. I missed them so much. This year I probably won't see them all, mostly everyone is out of the country for greener pasture. How I wish that my country will soon be a better place for everything like during the old days, not just another third world country who sends their sons and daughters abroad to have a greener pasture so to offer a better life for their families *sob*.

What would you feel if you are accused of something you did not do intentionally or let's say someone ask why you do this, that nagging at your back like a Dad scolding his little child? maybe you don't mind.. some feel bad about it... others don't care at all. right? different reaction different persona, truth is I think in every thing that we say or do we should always always consider what others may feel. I believe there's always a better way of saying things without compromising the feeling of other individual. All people are not the same and that is a fact of life.

Ever heard of the book called the secret? I don't know yet what this is all about but I'm planning on reading this on the next couple of days. A friend recommended this before and I forgot about it and just recently someone recommended this book again. I would like to go back in the habbit of reading books once again and reading this book would be a great start.

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