Saturday, November 29, 2008


Been reading while not having 'nuf sleep lately.

I've been hearing so much about the movie Twilight. Out of curiosity when I got a chance to stop and pass through every National Bookstore I happened to always asked for this Book and it was out of stock-like-crazy everywhere. And one night before the mall closes I have decided to dropped by before going to my Grandmas wake since I'm pretty much sure I'm not gonna be able to sleep again, and I was right by the way. So, I went to "fully booked". As soon as I entered the black shinny hard bound book from Stephanie Meyer was on the first table and it looks like it was the last piece available.I was contemplating on buying it because I haven't read any yet from that author. So, I asked the sales lady " Is this the last one?" she said yes. She started to open her mouth again and said "Sir kung ako bibilhin ko na yan kasi next year pa ulit mag babagsak nyan" So i grabbed it and say bye-bye to my 699 pesos.

I haven't finished reading yet, I'm on Chapter 10. My goal is to finish the book asap and watch the movie. So far, I don't like it but I appreciate the idea of Vampire-Human relationship mortal non mortal love interest kinda stuff yadah yadah.Actually I bought the next sequel already and yes as I mentioned earlier don't like the book but I have the next part (lol) ...You know I'm crazy and I always will!

Ayt, so much for this stupid blogging got to go back to the book


  1. not enjoying but buying the sequel..haha thats crazzy!
    dito may stock pa
    see you so soon kuya :-)

  2. hi save hows life treatin you there..Miss you. See you soon

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