Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Testify to Love

I have seen and experienced how Jesus saved me from eternal condemnation. I have come to understand the ultimate sacrifice He has done for me.I transformed to become a better Individual because of this Love. Love that is incomparable to all things seen in the earth. Now it's my turn to Testify this love.

I don't know how to express a feeling into writing without being chuchy and stuff. I'm not also playing holier-than-thou because I am definitely not. I guess what I'm talking about is my faith. I'm the person who I am because of this faith. I consider everything futile without knowing Christ.

And from here on I would like to Testify the Love... I guess this song would better explain what I would like to do until the day of my last breath.

Album: Testify to Love
Artist: Avalon


  1. Jeff,
    I appreciate the humility you have expressed as a person and a Christian. For without our savior we are nothing! I am walking in the valley with you!!
    In Christ!

  2. Thanks for the comment Jayme.