Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Series of Hair Style Through the years...

I would like to share some of my hairdo style all through the years...I'm sure this is gonna be very much Presenting my hair do since 1997 to present I guess...

First: Bangs look- Yes I have nag mumurang bangs because I can't afford to have a haircut in US, I got once lang yata sa wallmart. I got wavey hair, so it's hard to manage when it's growing plus it's kinda itchy when hair reaches my ears and chicks...

Hair cut courtesy of me. Yes i cut my own hair if it's really itchy and irritating already.

Second: Diamond hair style- Yes I like this haircut but I guess chamba lang ang pag kaka cut because no one can do this hair cut again not even the person who did it before Argggh..

Haircut courtesy of Davids Salon

Next is the Braid hair style: This was my boracay beach look.

Hairstyle courtesy of an 8 year old girl who do braid in the beach side for 180 php only. The process of doing this hurts my scalp but it was a fun experience...

Next is my semi long hair look. One year of no haircut with hair straightening and relax treatment
Hair treatment: Going straight

Another long hair look 2 years of no Hair Cut
Hair treatment Hot Oil ni manang sa kanto

last pic is the Afro hair style. Retro Christmas look from Dell. I'm not sure how to grow my hair this much and to look like this, really!
Wig Courtesy of Divisoria Wigs Outlet

I had semi kal and shaved hair look but I can't find some old pics of me *Sad* So those are my hairstyle yesterday and today.


  1. The braids are the best!!! ha ha ha! You kinda look like actor Anthony Anderson in this pic. :)

  2. Naks! Pang-artista ang dating Jepoy!!!

    Serious????!!!! --- your favorite line...

    I also like the cornrows... and the straight hair! Naks... CHINOVELASTIC!!!