Saturday, November 8, 2008

He's making a list Checking it twice... *Singing*

Do you feel the Spirit of Christmas? I do! this is my favorite season of the year. Everyone loves everybody, people always share what they have. Gifts are sent back and forth. Christmas Carols on radio.Cards flying on every corner of every country greeting friends and love ones "Merry Christmas". "Simbang Gabi" and the "bibingka and Puto bong-bong" (Filipino delicacies very much associated to Christmas Spirit)

OK enough of the cheesy part about Christmas. Let me go straight to the reason why I'm writing again. This is because I would like to post my Christmas Wish list here on my page. I wish I wish I wish...

DSLR Camera to capture a moment with quality and clarity. Tutal Uso naman ang photography ngayun sana pag bigyan nyo na ko *Grinning*

A Filipino Themed Adidas Jacket and the Francis M Filipino Shirt. I am a proud Filipino!!!

A western Digital External Hard drive. My notebooks internal hard drive is 80G only, so I guess I really need this specially when I have the DLSR cam :-D
Oakley Shades for my summer escapades come March and May. Calling friends from Canada and US mura lang dyan ipa ship na before Christmas :-D

Cool Water perfume. Thanks Debz for shipping this for me before Christmas. Got one 9 more to go :-D
Tap Out shirt. Ohlee wanted this and I kinda like this too

The Secret. This has been always out of stock from National Bookstore. I want this book. Feel free to give me one :-D

I think I really need this a Thread Mill. I promise to exercise more come next year
Hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyz.. I really wanted a Honda car may it be 2000 or lower. It should be A/T. I will get this I promise!

A visit visa to Canada. See you soon Panget.

So all has been laid before the eyes of someone-who-read-this. I know I may not have them on Christmas day but still I wish I could still have them. One thing is for sure even though I wouldn't get any of that wish, Jepoy is thankful for all the blessings that Jesus gave him.
"Count your blessings Name them one by one and be grateful for it"


  1. Naks!

    Jeff I'll just let you in on a "secret" instead of the book... will that be ok?? booo corny! Can you keep one?

    Yan ba mga hiningi mo sa Kris Cringle?? Lagot lagpas 500 yata lahat.... oy pag ako nabunot mo doble dapat budget kase "special" dapat for me...ahahah kapal!

  2. FYI, I can keep a secret sabihin mo na dito hehehehe

    Oi ung book 300 lang diba????!!!! uu wag ka ingay un ang aking wish sa opis

  3. Ay ganon ba? Nako pag nabunot ko na ang wishlist ay "The Secret" nako dodoblehin ko ang regalo non kase ikaw yun...special ka e YIHEEEEEE!!

    dalawang "The Secret" ang bibigay ko!