Thursday, November 13, 2008

Anything goes..

I'm bored right now *Sigh*

Having trouble constructing the intertwine thoughts on my head...


I ate 3 doughnuts earlier Pineapple filled, Bavarian, mocha Swiss... It's so sweet. I just love the mouth watery feeling, it gives me unexplainable happiness...I wanted to have more but I controlled my self and put the box on the fridge...


Just finished Heroes latest episode and guess what???!!. Nathan's and Peter's Dad got Hiro's power Argggh! that ends the episode. I can't wait to see the next episode.


I learned that writing here somehow removed my boredom. So, this is a great alternative instead of thinking things like why I am fat? How can I loose weight in 2 days? Is fit and right really effective? lol

I'm checking my belly button right now and the stinky smell has been healed *Happy* Now, it smells like baby powder like it used to be.

Rhianna and Chris Brown will have concert in Manila this weekend, too bad I don't have ticket, and because I'm saving money I will definitely miss the fun. I got one more chance though, I'll sneak in to Hassle's door and get her ticket while she's snoring *Grinning* lol

I want a book. I want something to read. I want it now! (demanding?)

'till my next post. Have a great day everyone. Thanks for dropping by to my none sense work :-D

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