Saturday, November 15, 2008

Talking about emo this Crhistmas

I'm a bit frustrated right now...


I will have to work on Christmas eve and New Years eve.

While every single Filipino family celebrates the most awaited season of the year at home or elsewhere here I am working

One of the most important filipino culture is the family bond. It doesn't matter if they are rich or poor...No "Noche Buena" or "Buena de Noche" food on the table...No fireworks..No Christmas gifts..No fancy Christmas party celebration... So long as their family is complete during this time of the year, they'll be the happiest people in the world. While the pinoys are celebrating Jeff is working...

Worst is I work night shift. And since I'm working in an American based company, every single holiday in here is not holiday at all for us (if it falls on weekdays) and if it's holiday in US it's still not a holiday for us in Manila and this only applies to Technical Support Engineers here, all others follows Manila holiday, which means the rest will have the opportunity to celebrate this time of the year with their love ones.

You might ask, there's this so called Leave right?! the answer is yes BUT only 2 people can file a leave in a day and we are 7, I'm not included on the privileged two. And I'm not a cheater to use sick leave on to get the Christmas and New years off and besides it's so obvious that someones making it up.

Honestly I've been saving all my leaves just for this season, apparently everyone does, so guess what?! we can't use them all at the same time. December 24 and 31 is Manila holiday and we are required to work. The reason why this bugs me this days is because I live alone in Manila, after shift I have no one at home *nadah*, now instead of gift giving to my god children I'm left alone at home with my mug of coffee. Also, this will be the first Christmas and New year that I am away from home since birth, technically! I think I need to make some changes into my wish list this coming Christmas *Sigh*

I remember watching 700 club last time, a pastor mentioned that the highest suicidal rate of the year is during Christmas season for the last 10 years and this is because of depression.Usually these are the people living alone even armed with wealth and fame, now I realized why.Mind you I am definitely not suicidal :-D just for the heck of mentioning it.

What adds up to my frustration is no one seems to care about this situation or to at least meet half way or some how see some effort in making this request possible, there was none. Defies the purpose of think customers.

Just two days! just two... I don't have absenteeism I rarely use my vacation leave. I just want the night of 24th and 31st of December. I can even report on the 25th night and the 1st of January night. Is that too much to ask? I will trade all my remaining vacation leave just give me the 24th and 31st *Sigh*

And who am I to complain? This is my bread and butter. This pays my rent. Provides med for my mom. Provides help to missionaries. Pays my bills. I'm just a small piece of sh*t in this corporate industry

I'll just sing Christmas carols on my workstation and light a fireworks on my lunch break to welcome new year...

I apologize for the angst. I need to write so the feeling will go away soon.


  1. u gonna work alone on those days?

  2. nope, five of us we'll need to work those days, and someone from PAM also...

    Samahan mo kame, dalhan mo kame nochebuena :-D

  3. I am working Christmas eve as well!

  4. cheers to us Jayme! at least you'll have the diner celebration to welcome the Christmas me not.. but thats ok,dealt with it...
    but newyears eve thats another story :-D