Thursday, December 4, 2008


Just watched the phenomenal unusual love story movie of the year the"Twilight". All in all it was not so bad. I really didn't expect to get all the details from the book to get a live in the big screen, so it didn't disappoint me like "The order of phoenix" does.

I'm a guy who likes cheesy stuff which I know kind off deviant to other guys who like guns and war movies. That's probably the reason why I appreciate the book. I'm not into love story and stuff but I like vampires and ware wolves movies. Darn it! I don't have sense of topic when I write, I tend to say Lot's of things about stuff not related to what I would like to say, that makes me become frustrated writer/blogger.

I'll try to focus this time in writing and not to jump into different ideas. I'm gonna play movie critic in my own way (walang manlalait)

The best part of the movie was the Collins baseball game "vampire's version" when they invited Bella to witness the fun when suddenly the group of other vampire intervention appears elegantly on the scene and when James tries to smells the blood of Bella where the Collin family strike a defense pose for Bella, nice! . It was so real book like details for me at least. The vampire moves was superb, it amazes me like the quidditch match in Harry Potter movie series.

The eye to eye contact and conversation of Bella and Edward was convincing, I bet teenagers will never forget the scene and the line " So the lion fell in love with the lamb" and the scenario there.

there are lots of things changed from the book to the movie story but the movie is spontaneous so I guess it didn't really matter a lot. Just to mention, before the phone conversation scene of James and Bella they should have shown that more. Also, how Bella escaped and it was on the airport not on the hotel .The ending was super cheesy and I don't like that anymore masyado na maarte.

Looking forward to read the next book :-D got to go to bed now! cheers!


  1. I love the ending. It's one of my fave scenes. the other is where they've officially become a couple and Edward was wearing shades. So cute....
    And James is soooo gwapo. Edward too. *swoon*

  2. I guess you more like the cheesy part but ok I have to admit nag enjoy din ako...Ang saya! meron ka bang next part na book? nabasa mo na?

  3. when i last visited mayang she's watching twiligt and im planning to borrow her dvd on our next meeting..and hopefully im with you then :-)