Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My 24th of December

Oh yes I have work on Christmas eve. The good side though is that the work load isn't swamped like the regular working days that's why I have time to do this blogging thingy *Drool*

So what's up with this holiday season for me? well not much I think, so long as all my love ones are with me with good health and some money to spent, that's more than enough blessing to be thankful for this Christmas..really!.

And I successfully passed through edsa with bumper to bumper traffic for the second time today..Yihhhaaaa! It's gonna be a new routine from now on

Although nothing really special happened to me on this very special Day to everyone. The thought of Christmas still gives me happiness inside out...

To all my Family friends office mates Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas to all of you....


  1. Pagudpod na ba? It's your turn to drive! Woohoo!

  2. Ahahaha! Alam mo bang Pampanga-Manila lang nag rereklamo na ko. Can't imagine you drive Knoxville to Florida! ahahaha