Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year End Wrap Up (Title from Ohlee)

January- G0t a new Job

Febuary- Love less valentine for the 4th year

March- Very first International assignment Tennessee, USA

April- Classroom training and meeting new friends

May- Shop 'till I drop almost everyday

June- US Road trip

July- Minnessota Assignment and bye bye USA

August- Jabi everyday

Sept- nothing much

October- My birthday

November- All souls day to visit Mama Ester and Sis Bday celebration

December- GrandMa passed away
- Got my Car :-D

That was my 2008 fun filled year. I'm looking forward to face another adventure in 2009.

Happy New year family, friends, office mates, church mates may you all have a prosperous new year ahead!!!!

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