Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lucky Day

Today I got the Christmas goodies courtesy of Emerson. One green recycled bag full of goodies plus a Christmas purefoods "Hamonado" in a Christmas paper bag. I'm feeling the spirit of Christmas more and more these days*Happy*

So after shift, I walked to Shaw Boulevard while carrying my bag full of goodies on one hand and hamonado on the other, ride a bus like my everyday regime when suddenly along Ayala Edsa the bus struck the rare side of a brand new BMW car wrecking the rare end of the car. Well honestly, I pity the owner of the car but that wasn't my concern that time. I don't wanna walk with goodies on both hands on the center of Ayala Edsa with bumper to bumper traffic because it was a rush hour (8:00 AM) but do I have a choice don't I? Yes I walked away from siting comfortly while carrying my goodies to get out from the bus. And because it was my lucky day the handle of the bag worn out and I just realized I forgot my hamonado on the bus after walking away from two shouting people (BMW driver and the bus conductor) for about 10 minutes. Yes! I went back to get my hamonado while sweating big time on the street. One lucky day! that experience increase my longing to get a car soon.


  1. nakuha mo pa hamonado mo? im surprised walang kumuha?

  2. Sa awa ng Dyos I still have hamonado this Christmas di sya nawala ahahaha