Saturday, April 17, 2010

Episode (Patalastas)

I guess this is one of the episodes wherein I feel like writing what I had been meaning to say to myself and to someone's soul.

Okay the last time I called you was a pathetic move. I was so interested and a bit excited talking to you but you sounded irritated as you answered the phone, although you didn't spill it out but I can sense there was something wrong, apparently I'm not that stupid. You ditched me out by telling me you have to go to the airport, so I ended the call immediately feeling sad and stupid. I promised myself then on that I will not gonna embarrass myself just like that ever again. It wasn't self uplifting at all.

We were chatting everyday talking about anything under the sun, it was fun and sometimes nakakakilig. I admit that It feels good (most of the time) and I kinda miss it. I hate that I'm missing it and yeah... You. But I guess you can't simply dictate what to feel or not to feel, right? Truth is, I know where I stand but every time I remember the other side of reality, it kinda upsets me.

All this shits are just nothing to you, I get that part. I began to accept and understand our differences (well.. theoretically). I reckon that I am not ready to give up on you just yet, although I know the consequences. I got to follow the path that will make me happy even if I know it will break me to pieces soon. I don't know if it's right or wrong, but for now I'll settle to this. If it will not work out fine then I'll just have to cross the bridge when I get there...

I think it would be nice to take chances so that way when this episode is over I will not have any regret when I look back. I can just simply say that I did follow my heart once upon a time.

Ayoko na nose bleed na me.... Praktis lang kasi IELTS time na ulit para naman maging more than 5 ang writing task score ko. LOL

Happy Weekend salamat sa pag basa ng patalastas! I love you all!