Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Travel Experience

I got so inspired by this blog. So I thought of writing some of my personal experience and input about traveling.

Ang hirap mag English! Kelangan ko yata ng bimpo sa ilong habang nag susulat.

I don't consider my self as a traveler, I just had a little opportunity to fly somewhere like US and Paris because of business trip. So might as well enjoy the trip kahit ba work ang ginawa ko, diba?!

When I get to experienced the thrill and fun, excitement of traveling, I got this thirst of wanting for more.

Syempre, hindi sya mura but like love and friendship hindi mapapalitan ng kahit na magkanong salapi ang experience. I wish I can use the right adjectives and all that shit to give you the superlative description on why you should consider traveling while you still can. While you still have the energy and capability to enjoy it, but I'm not a good writer so I really can't.

I guess some of pictures would help me showcase the title of my blog post. Just to share the smile I had. When I get to check the pictures all memories comes back like those just happened yesterday. Arte?! Here you go...

First Picture was my first International Travel. That was 2008 at Ashville Nort Carolina with my friend and ex-officemate Stell at the great Biltmore Estate

Next Picture was some where in the Boundary of the Tennessee State from NC, this was a long drive to the interstate, wala kameng perang pambili ng plane ticket kaya long driving nalang. This was the state where my previous company was based.

Is it obvious that I look like I'm about to die?! That was caving experience. we were inside a freakin cave for the entire day. Tiring! but it's so worth it. This was a private cave owned by a friend of my ex-officemate. Seriously! Hindi ko na uulitin yan. I was asking them to call a rescue during that time. But I'm glad I was able to finish the trail:-D

This was a hiking experience. We were in the heart of the forest. Alam nyo yung parang blaire witch project na movie, nasa parang ganun area kame. And yes I was dead hungry. I ditched my friend to give me his Lays LOL. So there you see I was scrambling and munching all the chips like there's no tomorrow. This was taken 2008 in Smokey Mountains of Tennessee.

Next picture was taken in Daytona Beach Florida circa 2008...God I miss USA!

This picture was taken in the heart of Atlanta Georgia cica 2008. We met some pinoy expats and they invited us to stay in their Hotel for overnight so we can tour the state more. Libre much. Pulubeng-pulube lang talaga.

Picture was taken in Orlando Florida EPCOT Disney Land :) spell happiness!!!!

Spring 2008 at University of Tennessee where I took my Phd. CHARUT!

and my recent was Paris, France :))

I can put more pictures here but nothing beats the real experience of going somewhere you haven't been too plus you might be puking by all my fatty-Porky Pictures LOL. Believe me it's really a great feeling. The rush of adventure and getting lost and frustrated at times is a learning experience that you can get to treasure. I encourage you to try it as well.

Pag walang budget pwede naman mag save and it doesn't mean you do fly to Europe and States as well. Marami pang pwedeng madiskubre na lugar na mura at masayang presyo. hihihihi


  1. naks. wala ata ang bansang kinabibilangan mo ngayon... SG. Maganda din dyan. :D

  2. Sarap to the max.Travel and Work wohh.

  3. Ang laki din pala ng ipinayat mo...

  4. isa lang masasabi ko.. kakainggit... grrrr...

  5. di ako nakareply sa tweet abt travel tau.. pero shempre gora ako! hehe :))
    plan naten sa overnight ng Christmas Partey on 2nd, Dec.
    Sana makahanap tau ng day na magtagpo-tagpo sked naten hehe ;)

    - jackster

  6. bago ang lahat - paguwi mo ng pinas penge ako ng Twix or Reese ha! yes? ^_^

    Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. - M.Twain

    so travel while you can! =)

  7. Jusko, tawa lang ako ng tawa, Jepoy. Parang humor post pa rin sa akin ito, hindi travel. LOL! :D

    Heniwey, gusto kong makita ang eiffel tower. Samdey, makakalipad lang din ako papuntang ibang kawntri. LOL! :D

  8. @chyng sure paguwi ko dadalhan kita! I promise... Natats naman ako sa pagdaan mo. Sana makasama ko one time sa mga get away mo heheheheh

  9. isa sa mga pangarap ko yun eh, business travel... potah kasi kumpanya namin kuripot! lahat ng gagawin nilagay na dito sa pinas

  10. wow naka pag tate na talaga...enjoy traveling!

  11. wow naka pag tate na talaga...enjoy traveling!

  12. Mag-iipon na lang muna me para makalevel sa travel blogger na si Jepoy. Hahaha. Sorry naman sa mga bansa mo. You olreydi. Tsaka na me.

  13. Hongyomonyomonmuch! Sana magkaroon din ako ng opportunity na ipadala ng company na kabibilangan ko... LOL... Sa ngaun mainggit na muna ako sa pix u! hehehehe

  14. Huwaw! Ikaw na jeps ang nakakapagtravel around the world for free! LOL... Kaso marami pang bansa ang di mo sinama jan sa posts mo... Ikaw na jetsetter! LOL

  15. walao eh! nangiingit ka lang :(

  16. hindi satisfying tong post na to... walang sydney. bleh. hahahha