Monday, April 13, 2009

Untitled Entry

I really wanted to write something. However, I can't seem to find a way to connect all my gibberish ideas to finally come up to something worth reading. Something interesting. Something inspiring. But then again I am a bad writer which tells you promptly that this is another stupid entry :-D

No matter how vague or shallow my ideas are I am still writing and I appreciate you wasting your time reading my crapy entry :-D

Summer is almost over and I haven't got a single plan for some summer escapade yet awwwww! I am not counting our family reunion as summer escapade because it was dull. Don't get me wrong, I love reunions but this time I guess it's more of for-the-oldies kind of stuff. I spent the Lenten season long weekend at home with my family. I am glad friends came over. Had a good laugh with them which I really deserve after the frustration at work before the long weekend. Micro management sucks!

I love beaches. It gives a different feeling when I'm near the beach. So peaceful. The smell of the wind relaxes me. Walking on the sand barefoot while the heat of the sun touches my skin is really amazing. I feel so free. Made me appreciate how awesome our Creator is. What is more fun than having a message near the sea shore?- Heaven!

And while I look at the beauty of amazing sunset on the far horizon, I always have this feeling that everything is going to be alright. Nothing can possibly go wrong. It's like someone up there is speaking through nature, reminding me how precious His creations are. Indeed beach has been my comfort zone a haven on summer season. A perfect place to do anything you enjoy.

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