Monday, April 20, 2009

Breaking dawn

I'm done reading the last book of the Twilight saga entitled "Breaking dawn". Overall, it was not too bad, though, I get a little bored reading some of the super cheesy chapters. But I can still say you won't waste your time reading the book. I must also say that the chapter were Jacob Black is narrating satisfies my curiosity about his unconditional love to Bella without asking anything in return. The transition and the flow of story is not that spontaneous comparing to Eclipse (for me).I am expecting to see more action specially in the part were the Volturi finally came into the scene while a league of Vampire witnesses and werewolves headed by the Cullen's are waiting for the final fight. I guess I should not be expecting hard core fight from a love story book. But I can't help it, the only thing happen on that nerve wracking scene is Bella releasing her stupid shield protecting everyone from the very powerfull Alec and Jane the mighty guards of the Volturi and that's about it no fight scene whatsoever. This final book answers some of very important questions every reader of the sequel is asking about. Will Bella turn to become an Immortal like Edward? What will happen to Jacob and Bell? Is this aa happily ever after ending? I'm not going to spoil those thirst some of my friends who look at my page are not yet done or have not yet started reading this book, so there you go my personal say about this book. Thanks for reading! OOOoops before I forget I would like to Thank Essie and Mike for lending me the book I was having hard time getting a copy of it the past months. Guys I'll return the book in the same contidion as you have given me. Thanks mucho!

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  1. done with it too.
    kuya try reading midnight sun, it will for sure satisfy ur curiosity (if you are) over Edward's thoughts..