Saturday, April 4, 2009

Stuff this week

My schedule was pretty much swamped the past days. My manager signed me up to Ateno Language Training Workshop for "Effective English communication in a workplace" in accordance to preparation for our upcoming bi annual IELTS exams which I fairly got good mark last time. The reason why I bid my goodbye to our monetary language incentive this quarter, too bad! plus the conception that I am poor English user which, somehow I think is true :-D But hell people can understand me ok, duh!

This week has been really a mess. My schedule sucks! Going to office 3 hours before my scheduled work time is very inconvenient, counting the fact that it is rush hour. Just imagine the number of commuters trying to catch MRT and public buses to get home while this freshy guy will just be starting his day struggling to go through with this.

I somehow miss my life in the US whenever I am in that situation. Our training is nice though, I am learning something new, as what Teacher Chuchi have said, "why not say please read my entry" instead of saying, "please perusal the whole passage". She actually has a point, why not say things that majority of the expectator can understand easily. I hope my writing skill will improve also, as I go on to our one month scheduled training. You know, I like my speaking and listening teacher Ms. Anika a lot.She's a native from Russia, considering English is her secondary laguage she still mastered the fluency without any traces of her native language. What more to us who's English is a secondary form of communication in our country? I am optimistic that I will improve more as I finish the session

I am happy because I knew that I will be clearing out my credit card debt, yahooooo! This time I promise to myself that I am using it no more :-D (Goodluck!). I am looking forward to better manage my finances for my future. I really wanted to save some incase I may be unlucky enough to get laid off.

Summer heat is getting hoter and hoter these days, everyone is packing their bags to go for some summer escapades.Bringing on those colorfull oakley shades and quick silver board shorts to walk under the summer heat on the beach to show some sexyness this summer season. While Emerson Manila doesn't have summer outing, great! my first company that doesn't have summer outing. And for us Night Shifters on our own cube working mondays through fridays and working again and working so hard. Oh did I say working? yeah I think I mentioned working...

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