Sunday, March 4, 2012

Crazy Stuff

Sometimes we do crazy stuff...

It's okay to do crazy things. We learn through these. Do what makes you free. Life is too short. Have fun. Get out. Turn off that stupid laptop and have a life. Socialize. Make friends. Eat. Love. Pray.

May ganyan?!


I had a great Saturday. After 3 tiring hours of badminton, I went home. I got hungry so I decided to sleep. Woke up alone. Everyone's out for a weekend party. So I party alone. And record a clip ahahhaha.

I wanted to blog but I can't seemed to write clearly. I wanted to update and so I had this brilliant idea of uploading another stupid video of mine.

Forgive me for posting it here. This is my blog anyways.

Have a blessed weekend you people! Pak!


  1. hanep sa accent kuya. iparty na yan!=D

    nga pala ang laki na ng pinayat mo kuya.

    1. Hi Jaidy. How are you?! Naalala ko lang you are one my few oldest followers. Hope I would get to meet you when I get back sa Pinas. I'll treat you ice cream hehehe.

      Thanks Jaidy, I'm still trying to lose more weight. One baby step at a time :-D


  2. nagulat ako sa G-6 song. lols. akala ko may nabuksan akong blog na may sounds. kasama pala sa video mo. hehehe. Partey!!!

  3. Jepoy! Im back to blogspot, after so many years. hihi. Parang hindi parin nagbabago itsura mo. hoho.

  4. I want ice cream too.

  5. Biglang nag-flash back yung isang video mo dati sa isip ko. Ano na nga yun? Superbass ata na JAPS version. Hahahaha. You already na talaga! Walang basagan ng trip. Party animal ka eh! Hahaha.

  6. sabi mo we learn through the crazy things we do.. did you learn anything from doing this video? LOL! :P

  7. kyyyyuuuuuttt!!!

    sarap kurotin like crazy!! LOL

  8. Nakablock ung content di ko maview dto sa office (ibig sabihin magwork na daw ako...) Balikan ko na lng to maya pag-uwi ng bahay.... (Nagpaliwanag... hehehe)

  9. nagulat ako nung tumunog yung G6 ahahaha,