Tuesday, February 24, 2009


OK, what I have been doing lately?

I've been reading "Eclipse" this past weekend and I thought of writing some stupid stuff on my stupid blog site just for the heck of updating my post:-D Alrighty, since I am a cheesy guy who like cheesy stuff which by the way Ohlee my office mate just to mention called it so-homo his term for cheesy stuff like Harry Potter,Twilight etc... which I don't really agree that he doesn't like cheesy stuff because he can't convinced me you see, he has a blue ray disc of "My Sassy Girl" and he actually keeps the fretzel wrapper that his wife gave him during their special date, now that is what you call cheesy and so-homo. Now tell me who's not cheesy :-D 'nuf of that, let me go straight to the part where I say things about stuff and this time about the book that sore my eye last weekend.

My favorite part of the story is the scene where Jacob is flirting with Bella even he knew that she is deeply in love with Edward, he always do extra effort to disregard it, there was this one instance when he suddenly kissed her without asking permission (this is not a smack) then Bella punched him which caused her knuckles to break. As the story rolls over, Jacob keeps on teasing Bella that she kissed him back and that she enjoyed it much which Bella denies it big time and it irritates her (Merong konting kilig factor sa readers) Then on before the fight scene Jacob and Bella had their moment (Mas boto ako kay Jacob) . I also like the fight scene with the alliance of Cullens and the Wolfs.Sorry I'm a bad writer can't make it more descriptive and exciting, just wanted to write something :-D


  1. what?! jacob steal a kiss from bella??!!! grrrr!!!!

  2. anu ka ba, sa bandang ending si Bella na humalik k Jacob ng bongang bongang walang hingahan ahahhaa

  3. Fourth book ka na ba? Di pa binibili ni Mike yun last one...Dragging yun story for me curious lang ako kung magiging vampire ba si Bella? Hmmm...

  4. Yeah fourth book na ko, wala na kasi sa fullybooked kaya k sir Mike ako nag papabili :-D na mention nya kasi meron daw sa SM north..Kaw din 4rth book na diba? Honga magiging vampire kaya sya?! sana maging wolf nalang sya ahahaha

  5. i have the Ebook(4books)..anybody want??
    kaya pala sabi ng friend ko mabuburaot ka kay bella
    nwey maiba kuya..feeling ko usong uso ngayon jan ang ang expression n "bongang bonga" tama b?

  6. oo save uso nga. Salamat sa offer na ebooks pero na duduling kasi ako pag sa laptop ako nag babasa :-D