Friday, February 6, 2009

Should I or Should I not?

Recession is on the air these days, that's because of the global economic melt down i guess. Manufucturing company started to retrench people. Others just closed down businesses here, like the giant Intel Corporation who has been operating roughly 24 years. Economic zones are cutting off their workforces affecting people who's earning a little above minimum wage.

Although I am not directly affected by this (for now) I can't help my self wondering what's in it for me and my future family over the next 10 or so years? I am not worrying a lot to mind you, but I am just being proactive in thinking about possibilities that can nearly happen. I'm on my late twenties and soon becoming 30ish which I think kind of hard starting a new job all over again if I happen to become a part of this recession thingy.

Do you think going abroad is the answer for this?

Do you think majority of pinoy professionals are right? that the answer to having a good life for you and your loveone is to go elsewhere outside Philipines?

Should I start to consider migrating elsewhere as a long term goal for my career? *contemplating*


  1. wag muna ngayon. dahil nga recession. they say it's gonna last for at least 2 years. and pag nagretrench ang companies, usually last in, first out.

  2. Awwwww! Ganun ba un?!..awwwww!

  3. Tama wag muna ngayon..Masaya pa naman buhay mo jan eh :) Basta kumakain pa 3x a day hehe