Saturday, June 28, 2008

What if....

What if...

.. I didn't resigned in Dell? Would I be more happy and fulfiled?
.. I just wen't directly to SG to find a job?
.. I stayed with my team to hadle them?
.. I didn't let you go?
.. I strive harder during college?
.. I let Mama Ester have her Chemo?
.. I have more than enough money not to work?

Should all the answer be better than what had happened? *Sigh*


  1. ang drama mo nmn kaibigan, may pagsisisi ba sa puso mo?
    ako rin meron eh, pero hindi ko alam kung ano yun..the only thing I know is: Success is not all about the money. :)

  2. madrama talaga ako mag blog kaibigan... For me, money is everything Ahahaha...