Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The past weekend counting days I wanna go home

I haven't shared this yet. I went to Ashville North Carolina to visit the Biltmore Estate with two of my friends apparently I haven't realized that I'll be paying crappy $51 for the entrance fee which frustrates me because my savings got cut off again however to be fair to the kindness of my friends I just stay cool and enjoy the day which happens to be not bad at all. I was amazed by the baltimore mansion it was literally huge, i think I've seen the mansion on several movies like ever after and Richy rich i never imagined I would be seeing it one day.

It was a beautiful day to spend weekend. Gota lots of pictures which tested my modeling skill..ahahaha! here's one sample

The next day Kat flew back home. Early this morning, Stell paid me the big bucks with one box of coins placed in sinusitis med box, that was just sweet of her...Now I got lots of coins to dispose on the next days...I'm planning to eat at chillys and put the coins on the sinus med box and pay my meal.. I pray that the crew will not give me a face upon paying my bill because I did not make a face when I received them...


  1. ndi lang pala ako ang nalilito sa Biltmore and Baltimore. hahaha

  2. tee hee.
    it's just $11 worth of coins.
    Ayaw mo? akin na lang...

  3. kaya pang kakain e baka ibato sakin yun pag diniposit ko sa bank