Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My insights about the book im currently reading

It's 1:47 AM and still finding my self writing something about the book I'm currently reading shared by good friend of mine. I am actually in the middle of reading this book "Peaceful Warrior" from Dan Millman, and for those of you wondering why I am writing something when I haven't finished reading it yet. The answer is, I watched the movie already, yeah!,yeah!,yeah! I know it's kinda absurd watching novel based film when you are in the middle of reading it, but I can't help my self encouraging everyone to read the book or perhaps watch the movie, if your not into reading. The movie doesn't use the profound words on the book as a script, I guess the writer decided to make it easy to grasp. Imagine me reading some of the profoud nose bleeding phrases trice just to get the gist of it and internalize it. I'll soon post all my learning from the book, I just hope I'm not gonna be that oblivious from the thoughts to ponder :-P... So far let me share this OST video from the movie "Peaceful Warrior" for those who wanted a copy I can share mine :-P

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